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Trusted Wholesale Supplier

RestoreHub has been involved in the repair industry for many years. Over time, we have been able to build great relationships with clients all around the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, and South America. We have been able to earn all of our customers business and respect due to our ethical work.

Due to our growth and development over the past years, we have had the opportunity to work directly with trust full suppliers and factories overseas that provide us with the best quality and professional services that ultimately pass on to our customers.

Premium Quality Products

Our company, focused on wholesale, offers a large variety of replacement parts compatible with iPhone, iPad, Macbook and other smart devices. This includes LCD digitizer screens, batteries, flex cables, and much more!

Lets not forget to mention that we also carry all the repair tools your business and technicians will need to successfully complete all types of repairs; and popular accessories such as tempered glass that your customers will want after you complete their repair.

Affordable Wholesale Prices

RestoreHub believes that all customers should be treated equally and ethically, so we provide all our customers with great customer support, aggressive pricing, and superior quality. All of our local U.S and foreign customers automatically receive the lowest wholesale prices available directly on our website no matter of their business size.

But don’t forget that just because we offer the best prices means that we sacrifice quality. All of our parts are considered of Premium Quality and pass through an extensive quality control test before they are shipped out. Restore Hub only provides parts in which all consumers can rely on.

Awesome Customer Support

We strive to have the best customer service before and after every customers transaction. Our trained and professional staff is always available to help our customers with any concerns they might have.

When you buy from RestoreHub you will feel safe and secure and everything be taken care of. We guarantee customer satisfaction.